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[Download] GTR2 - Circuiti - Searspoint (Infineon Raceway)
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GTR2 - Circuiti - Searspoint (Infineon Raceway)
[Immagine: sears01.jpg]

[Immagine: sears02.jpg]

Sears Point ( Long and Short )

Info Autore e Circuito
A conversion from ISI NASCAR and F1C to rFactor
Version 1.0 completed Oct xx, 2006
Game Patch Level 1070

Original Track Authors: ISI and the RSDG Team
Conversion By: Bud Lucas using 3D SimEd
Assisted By: PhilRob, Andy55 and Jose Swervo

This conversion is just a 'Tide Me Over' until a proper scratch built track can be made, my meager talents restrict me to conversions only.

There are 14 pit spots, 14 garages (with 3 slots each) and 36 starting grid positions.

This conversion is intended for mid to low end computer systems as it does not include any bump or spec maps.


All DX settings have been tested, but work was done using the DX8 setting so there might be problems at DX9, not all video cards perform the same.

The shadows have not been totally activated.

Track night lighting has not been activated but vision during night races is still good.

Recommended Settings:

To improve FPS set shadows at Medium.

For best track visuals set Customize\Settings\Display\Texture Detail to Full, there will be a minor reduction in FPS but the improved visuals are worth it.

Recommend the 'Track Default' race starting time be used, you will find it between 11:30 PM and 12:00 AM under the Customize/Settings/Race tabs once the game is started.

Special thanks to PhilRob for all his help and advice, Andy55 and Jose Swervo for their beta testing and great feedback, and to ISI and Mika of the RSDG team the original Long circuit authors who built fantastic foundations for us to convert. The only major change from the originals was the addition of a couple of trees and tirewalls....... :-)

Bud Lucas

Per poter visualizzare i link e scaricare il materiale da SimDrivers devi registrarti cliccando QUI e presentarti alla Community usando QUESTA discussione.

[Immagine: FirmaNEW03.png]
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14-Nov-2013 16:20
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RE: GTR2 - Circuiti - Searspoint (Infineon Raceway)
is it possible to re-upload this track, please?

e' possibile fare l'upload di questo circuito?
02-May-2019 1:51
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